163 Parkdale High-Rise Excavation
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Richcraft Homes

~ $5 million

RECL, Paterson Group, Noremac Drillers Inc.

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163 Parkdale High-Rise Excavation

Excavation Services

Digging Deep in Hintonburg

Our Taggart Construction team was awarded the excavation for a new 35-story high-rise apartment building near Tunney's Pasture government complex. While all excavations come with challenges, this was particularly unique because of its +/- 18 metre depth on a small, 1600 m2 site fronting onto a busy Parkdale Ave.

Mass Excavation

Our tasks included removing 1,200 m³ of contaminated soils to an approved landfill and 25,000 m³ of rock excavated and exported from site. Due to the depth of excavation, we commissioned our Long Stick shovel, which was instrumental in the success of the project and schedule.

Working with Limitations

While the excavation occurred, we brought sanitary, storm and watermain services into the building within 30 metres of a signalized intersection, which required adherence to limited work hours. Gas main infrastructure in the area required Noremac Drillers to limit blasting operations to 50 PPV, which significantly affected planned blasting operations.

Project Highlights

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