Barrett Lands Phase 2

Residential & Commercial Site Servicing


Tartan Land Corporation


~ $12 million



Delivery Model

Residential & Commercial Site Servicing



Continuing our history of site servicing at Findlay Creek

Taggart Construction has been instrumental in community-building at Findlay Creek in Ottawa. We have serviced land for developers through many phases of construction, dating back to the early 2000’s.

The newest phase by Tartan Homes is the development of lands between Bank St. and Albion Rd., to the south of Leitrim Rd. We partnered on Phase 1, and Phase 2 is an extension of our long-standing relationship with Tartan.

For this phase our works included topsoil stripping, dewatering, rock blasting, excavation, sanitary and storm sewer installation, watermain placement,  lot grading and road building.

We completed the project well ahead of schedule (5 months early), with very positive outcomes.

Project Highlights

  • 304 new lot services
  • 1950m of sanitary sewers
  • 2374m of storm sewers
  • 2500m of watermain
  • 38000m2 of rock blasting
  • 98000m2 of topsoil stripping