Ottawa Confederation Line

Heavy Civil Construction


OC Transpo – City of Ottawa


~ $11 million


Rideau Transit Group

Delivery Model

Heavy Civil Construction



Efficient And World-Class Mass Transit Solution

The Taggart Construction team is proud to be part of the largest construction project in Ottawa’s contemporary history. The Confederation Line is a design-build joint venture involving the Rideau Transit Group, ACS Infrastructure Canada, Dragados Canada, EllisDon and SNC-Lavalin. It marks yet another Taggart Construction contribution to Ottawa’s new mass transit system and to our extensive portfolio of mass transit projects.

The Confederation Line is the start of a completely integrated transit network that will accommodate 18,000 passengers per hour in two directions, helping reduce traffic congestion and gridlock in Ottawa’s downtown core and on other major roadways. The first phase of the Confederation Line extends from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Road — a total distance of 12.5 kilometres — and includes a 2.5-kilometre downtown tunnel.

A Seven-Project Initiative

Working with our partners, we executed seven projects related directly to the construction of the Confederation Line. We started the tunneling process with the first installation of an intermediate shaft where one of the road headers was to commence operation. This was also one of the main extraction points for the removal of the tunnel spoil. At Pimisi Station and the Booth Street Bridge, we worked around an exiting aqueduct classified as a heritage structure. Another contract focused on remediating a portion of the aqueduct wall so Rideau Transit Group could install tracks while preserving the heritage of the structure.

Valued Partnership

Every member of our team and all our subcontractors abided by the extensive health and safety measures in place due to the complexity of the project. We met tight deadlines and fulfilled demanding work hours, with a large portion of our work at night due to project locations on the highway, at a major downtown off-ramp and in close proximity to the active transitway. Taggart Construction Limited was trusted with ensuring this high-visibility project was completed to the highest standards.

The Ottawa Confederation Line project included

  • Highway 174 St. Laurent exit reconfiguration
  • Bayview Station pre-construction such as pre-load engineered fill, footing removal and site remediation
  • Excavation, shoring, rock pinning and shotcreting, drilling and blasting of an intermediate access shaft
  • Excavation, backfill, retaining walls, site servicing for the Booth Street Bridge
  • Relocation of services and utilities
  • Relocating utilities and services, night paving and concrete works for Nicholas Street
  • Excavation, backfill, site servicing, site remediation and dewatering for Pimisi Station
  • Remediating of deteriorating heritage aqueduct wall