Village of Richmond Forcemain Twinning Phase 2
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City of Ottawa

~$15.4 million

Parsons Corp., Englobe Corp., Marathon Underground, Tomlinson

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Municipal & Public Infrastructure


Village of Richmond Forcemain Twinning Phase 2

Municipal & Public Infrastructure

Advancing Wastewater Solutions in Richmond Village

The City of Ottawa is currently advancing the Village of Richmond Forcemain Twinning project, aimed at enhancing the sewage infrastructure to support the development of Richmond Village. This project involves the twinning of the existing sanitary forcemain from the Richmond Sanitary Pumping Station, extending along Eagleson Road to Hazeldean Road/Robertson Road. The addition of a twin sewer line is designed to increase sewage capacity and improve the reliability of the village's wastewater pumping station, essential for meeting the needs of new developments in the area. The project’s second phase was awarded to us. It consists of the installation of a sanitary forcemain from the Richmond Pump Station, crossing the Jock River, and extending north along Eagleson Rd. to Fallowfield Rd. This effort is not only aimed at extending the lifespan of the existing infrastructure but also ensuring the wastewater system can accommodate future growth, reflecting the City’s commitment to maintaining efficient and reliable services for the Richmond community.

New Challenges

In the Village of Richmond Forcemain Twinning project, our team undertook tasks that are not typically within our scope of work. TCL opted to self-perform the installation of the internal components of the forcemain chambers, which included a range of valves, pipe fittings, and spool pieces. The project required the construction of five chambers: two valve chambers, two drain chambers, and one air release chamber. This step into new operational areas underscores our ability to adapt and expand our expertise to fulfill the essential infrastructure needs of the project.

Project Highlights

The Village of Richmond Forcemain Twinning project has achieved several significant milestones:

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