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~ $8 million

DSEL, MG2, WSP, GHD, Golder

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Commercial Site Services


RioCan Site Servicing

Residential & Commercial Site Servicing

Site preparation for a major North American retailer

Working with RioCan, Taggart Construction was invited to submit a bid for the site preparation for a large North American food retailer. Works undertaken include demolition, excavation, sanitary and storm sewers, watermain, curb, sidewalks and the remediation and new construction of a massive building pad for a future storefront.

Multi-party project

RioCan's client - based in Virginia - employed multiple United States-based architectural and engineering consulting firms spanning 4 time zones, each with a specific task. This created additional layers of communication necessary to understand and meet specifications from multiple parties. Overall certification of the works was completed on time and within budget.

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