Stittsville Trunk Sewer

City of Ottawa

~ $12 million

Stantec, J.L. Richards & Associates

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Municipal & Public Infrastructure


Stittsville Trunk Sewer

Municipal & Public Infrastructure

Sanitary Sewer for the City of Ottawa

The Stittsville Diversion Trunk Sewer was a infrastructure project for the City of Ottawa covering the area from Abbott St. E at Robert Grant and connects to the Kanata West Pump Station on Maple Grove Rd. Taggart Construction installed 2.7 km of 900mm hyprescon sanitary pipe. Open cut excavation reached maximum depths of +/- 10m. Taggart forces worked with Marathon Drilling to install 93m of pipe under Hazeldean Rd. using trenchless excavation methods. Taggart Crews also worked with Bowfin environmental to de-fish and temporarily relocate Poole Creek to allow installation of the pipe.

Project Highlights