Our First Home
Taggart Construction Limited opens its first shop on land in Tunney’s Pasture, west of downtown Ottawa.


Move To South Keys
Taggart Construction Limited outgrows its Tunney’s Pasture location and relocates to its current home on Albion Road, in Ottawa’s South Keys.


Ottawa's 1st Blast License
Harold Taggart receives the City of Ottawa’s 1st blast license, signifying the beginning of a long history in deep and complex excavations which continues to this day.


Kingston Operations Begin
Taggart Construction Limited operations begin in Kingston after a successful tender for a new subdivision. After operating out of what is currently a motorcycle repair shop, we moved to our current location after construction was completed in the early 1970s.


Founder Harold Taggart Retires
Harold Taggart retires. His sons Jim & Ian, along with son-in-law Dave purchase the company and lead its expansion.


Doran Contractors Limited Is Acquired
Doran Contractors Limited is acquired and joins the Taggart Group of Companies. From complex water & wastewater projects to multi unit highrise concrete towers, Doran is continually ranked as superior by clients and industry professionals who rely on the Doran team for dependability, value engineering & safety.

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Tamarack Homes
Harold Taggart began transforming streets in Eastern Ontario into new homes for returning war veterans in 1948. That proud legacy and dedication to excellence continues through the hands-on efforts of his family, culminating in the formation of Tamarack Homes.

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Taggart Realty Management Launches
Taggart Realty Management specializes in property and asset management, acquisition, disposal, and development of commercial and residential real estate.

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Founder Harold Taggart Passes Away
Harold ‘HT’ Taggart passes away, having witnessed the growth of a local construction company into four vertically integrated businesses operating in Eastern Ontario under the Taggart Group of Companies banner.


Taggart Construction Limited Celebrates 50 Years
Taggart Construction Limited celebrates our 50th anniversary. Many people that were there to celebrate are still members of the team today.


Taggart Aggregates Limited Begins Operations
Located in Stittsville, Taggart Aggregates Limited is the newest division of the Taggart Group of Companies and produces a variety of granular products.


Leading Edge Technology Investments
Taggart Construction is one of the earliest adopters in the new era of machine control and guidance – high tech with remarkable results.


Jim Taggart Earns Lifetime Achievement Award
Congratulations to Taggart Group of Companies Chairman Jim Taggart on earning the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award, jointly presented by Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Board of Trade.


The Taggart Group Of Companies Acquires Tartan Homes
The Taggart Group and Tartan have a long-standing partnership, and together have built some of Ottawa’s most well-known subdivisions. Tartan becomes the fifth major operating company in the Taggart Group.

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COR Certified
Achieving COR is the result of our team’s ongoing commitment to Health and Safety, which prioritizes the safety of our staff every day.

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Top 20 in Canada
On-Site Magazine ranks Taggart Group of Companies within the top 20 construction groups in Canada.


Top 20 in Canada
On-Site Magazine ranks Taggart Group of Companies within the top 20 construction groups in Canada.


Taggart Turns 75!
We are incredibly fortunate to be celebrating 75 years of business and community.