We have the experience and resources to manage and execute the largest and most complex site servicing projects. We have completed countless projects covering all aspects of residential and commercial site servicing, including storm water management facilities.

Our heavy civil construction services include

〉  Curbs, sidewalks and roadworks

〉  Paving and streetscaping

〉  Erosion and sediment control

〉  Site grading (including lots, boulevards and terracing)

〉  Ditches and culverts

〉  Dewatering systems

〉  Clearing and grubbing

〉  Maintenance hole installation

〉  Watermain installations and connections

〉  Storm sewer installation

〉  Storm water management facilities

〉  Catch basins

〉  Box culverts

〉  Subgrade preparation (including granular ‘A’ and granular ‘B’)

〉  Utilities

〉  Selective demolition


Our Projects

Stittsville Trunk Sewer

Municipal & Public Infrastructure

Residential & Commercial Site Servicing

RioCan Site Servicing

Residential & Commercial Site Servicing

Ottawa Confederation Line

Heavy Civil Construction

Kanata West Business Park

Residential & Commercial Site Servicing

Kanata West Pump Station

Excavation Services

Heavy Civil Construction

Municipal & Public Infrastructure